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DURUKAN Loss Adjusting Ltd. Company was established in 2002 which is structured with the sector experience by taking into consideration the needs of today and tomorrow.  

Durukan Loss Adjusting Company has innovative, young, dynamic and courageous staff, whose main objective is persistence and institutionalism. Durukan Loss Adjusting Company has been serving in the sector for many years based on its solid foundations.

Durukan Loss Adjusting Company is composed of experienced loss adjusters, specialist engineers such as civil engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, physics engineer and financial consultant. In the light of past experiences gained, it has wide range of solutions in the several areas.

It is equipped with a wide, fast, experienced and fully capable staff to respond to the needs of the Turkish Insurance sector. 

According to the qualification and type of damage, our experienced loss adjusters and specialist have the opportunity to intervene in every corner of Turkey for any damage that may occur with the most effective way and in a short time. Moreover we may get additional support from Durukan Loss Adjusting Company partners consisting of civil engineer, mechanical engineer, financial advisor and chemists.

Durukan Loss Adjusting Company serves all across Turkey in general especially in Marmara region;

DURUKAN Loss Adjusting Ltd. Company
3 Loss Adjusters 1 Claim’s Manager 4 Specialists
1 Assistant 9 Reporters 2 Operation Assistant

It has a corporate staff which will serve in the fastest way.

Durukan Loss Adjusting Company has adopted the principle of honesty, is composed of experienced loss adjusters and technical Staff, with the help of advance technological infrastructure, it has been established on a fast and sound work ethic basis, Durukan Loss Adjusting Company maintains the balance and provides the healthy loss adjusting service between the insured and insurance companies. 

Durukan Loss Adjusting Company has an institutional structure that handles a risk with an immediate and well-equipped approach and performs protection, rescue, loss mitigation, inspection, loss adjusting and subrogation procedures.
Thanks to its advance electronic service network, Durukan Loss Adjusting Company maintains its entire business network in electronic environment in a fast, reliable and innovative way.

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is one of the first in loss adjusting sector in Turkey. Insurance Company, loss adjuster, Reporter, Insured party information flow chain has been integrated into a single system. Our CRM system provides fast and solution based approach from a single point and which is extremely efficient.

All the teams working in the field have tablet devices so they can easily share up-to-date field information, loss related pictures, risk information and various required information can be shared instantly and online, thanks to this network and it can provide fast data and information transfer to Insurance Companies with the aim of the successful work conditions. 

Our company has gained appreciation in the sector in terms of the satisfaction of the Insured and Insurer by using the advance technologic infrastructure with the immediate reaction approach, the fastest solution techniques in case of the recent Van City earthquake, the Black Sea flood disaster and similar major crisis / situations.